Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Sanjay Dutt chosen as brand ambassador for 'X Shades'

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Sanjay Dutt wird offenbar neuer Werbeträger für die Sonnenbrillen-Marke "X Shades". (Dafür dürften dann wohl die Fotos sein, die Sanju im Juli 2009 zusammen mit Sunil Shetty gemacht hat und die bislang noch nicht veröffentlicht wurden.)

He is the man whose very name spells 'Class', 'Elegance' and 'Style' bundled into one. He is the man for whom being stylish is just a way of life. He is none other than Bollywood's very own Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju baba.

After having endorsed a handful of products that go with his image, Sanjay Dutt has now been chosen as the brand ambassador of the newest range of glares to hit town, called 'X Shades', informs our confirmed source. The source also adds that Sanjay Dutt was the obvious choice for the said brand, as the company officials wanted someone with the look and the persona to carry off the brand image on his shoulders. And who better than Sanju could have done justice to a brand of glares.

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