Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Novel: "Shadows of the Past - A New Life"

Shadows of the Past - A New Life is a family drama located in India. The story is inspired by Hindi films, and the author dedicated it to Sanjay Dutt.

You can purchase it as a paperback book or as an ebook at the German Brighton Verlag (you need to scroll down a bit in both links). They deliver to every country. (Or at Amazon.)

And this is the Story of Shadows of the Past - A New Life:

25 years ago, Raja Sharma from Shivapur in India was sentenced to lifelong rigorous imprisonment for raping and murdering a young woman in Pune. Now he's released for good conduct, but he has no home he could return to. After that crime, Raja's younger brother Anil had severed all ties with him and ousted him from the family. All Raja has come to know during all those years is that, soon after Raja's imprisonment, Anil had married Sita, the woman Raja was ardently in love with and who considered herself abandoned by Raja as neither he nor Anil had told her the truth about the reason of his vanishing without a trace.

Just once Raja wants to see his family again after being released and check about their well-being. So in a rainy night he sneaks to the house where Anil and Sita live with their grown-up sons Surya and Sumair – and thus he unintendedly provokes a storm which inch by inch unrolls his past and reveals more and more details and lies around the crime for which Raja has atoned for 25 years; details which mostly were not known even to the people involved and which gradually unveil their mutual entanglements. But only with the help of Vishal, Raja's friend from prison whom he now meets again, the whole tragic truth comes to light...

Go and grab a copy guys! If you love Hindi films, you'll love this book. And for each sold book, one Euro will be donated to the NGO SUPPORT in Mumbai where drug-addicted street kids are given a new life free from drugs, a home and education.

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