Donnerstag, 30. April 2009

Sanjay Dutt: "Will you read with me?"

Sanjay Dutt liest Hörbücher für Kinder

Angekündigt waren sie schon seit ein paar Jahren, aber nun sind sie endlich da, die Hörbücher für Kinder mit Sanjay Dutt!

"Will you read with me?" heißt die Hörbuch-Serie von Karadi Tales, für die bereits mehrere Stars der Industrie vor das Studio-Mikro getreten sind. Sanju hat zwei witzige Geschichten über ein paar verrückte Affen aufgenommen und muss sich dabei - wenn man den Werbetexten der Firma glauben will - mit seinem "naughty charm" an Witz und Komik selbst übertroffen haben.

narrated by Sanjay Dutt and cast

How do fat monkeys get thin? Chakrapani the monkey chieftain decides that the only way for his tribe of monkeys to lose weight is by going on a fast. But can hungry monkeys really stop eating for a day? Read and listen to this story to find out what happens one Ekadasi when Chakku’s monkeys decide to fast.

Sanjay Dutt at his hilarious best tells this crazy story with a naughty charm. Wacky illustrations by Shilpa Ranade add mischief to this funny tale adapted by Kaushik Viswanath, while the music of 3 Brothers & A Violin gives you an experience of a story that you never want to end.

narrated by Sanjay Dutt and cast

Have you heard about Taklu the capseller who lost all his caps to a group of mischievous monkeys and how he got them back?

Sanjay Dutt outdoes himself as he reads the story of Taklu the capseller and Metro the monkey chief. The story has the listener on a roll from page one with the inimitable comic retelling style of Anushka Ravishankar and hilarious illustrations by Malavika P. C. 3 Brothers & A Violin provide foot-tapping music and songs that leave you humming long after the story is over.

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