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Ready (2011; Cameo) - Review in English

In this film Sanjay does just a cameo!

About the story: Prem (Salman Khan), son from a rich house, enjoys his life as a single. His family, led by his father (Mahesh Manjrekar), wants to change this and invites a girl named Pooja who is expected to make Prem settle down. At the airport, Prem actually meets a vigorous young lady, only to discover some time later when she already is like family that she is not Pooja but Sanjana (Asin). She had been on the run from a mafia guy she was to be married to and had taken the chance to seek shelter with Prem. As Prem meanwhile has taken pleasure in Sanjana, he decides to clean house with the two ratty mafia families fighting each other and fighting for Sanjana...

Those who want to watch Ready only because of Sanjay's cameo can switch it off already after about 13 minutes. And if you're not a hardcore Salman Khan fan, you better do so. For though Ready is definitely an improvement after Anees Bazmee's IMHO abysmal No Problem, it's still no comedy revelation, and surely it could only become a blockbuster in India due to Salman's mass appeal and popularity. Right now, Salman presumably could even read aloud Mumbai's telephone book in his films and people would still storm the cinemas.

Ready, a remake of the same-named Telugu hit from 2008, is all in all a one-man show of Salman, in spite of several big family clans around him where (undersold) actors like Sharat Saxena and Mahesh Manjrekar are to be found. Even the cameo scene in the film's first minutes, prominently cast with Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Arbaaz Khan, Zarine Khan and Kangna Ranaut, is not more than the icing on the Salman-Ready cake. Admitted, a delicious icing, for the scene in a registrar's office with Sanjay as registrar and divorce lawyer in one is amusing. Salman had taken advantage of the fact that the Rascals crew shot at the same time in Thailand as he did for Ready, and had asked Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn and Kangna Ranaut to do cameos for his film. Of course, they didn't hesitate to do this favour to their mutual friend. Special Thanks to Sanjay Dutt and the others.

Produced by Sohail Khan, Nitin Manmohan, Rajat Rawail, Bhushan & Krishan Kumar; Directed by Anees Bazmee
139 Min.; DVD: T-Series, English Subtitles (including songs); Bonus: Making of Songs (Character Dheela, Dhinka Chika), Bonus Songs (Character Dheela, Dhinka Chika)
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