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Tees Maar Khan (2010; narrator) - Review in English

In this film Sanjay is just to be heard as the narrator!

About the story: Tabrez Mirza Khan, called Tees Maar Khan (Akshay Kumar), is one of India's most artful and most sought-after thieves. Looking for a possibility to rob a train full of antique works of art, he hits on the idea to disguise the raid as a film shooting. For this purpose he hires a whole village full of delighted film freaks plus his girlfriend Anya (Katrina Kaif) who, anyway, dreams of a film career despite being aboluetly ungifted; and he even manages to get superstar Aatish Kapoor (Akshaye Khanna) on board who is obsessed with the desire to get an Oscar and falls prey to the alleged "Hollywood director" TMK. But as everything is ready for the big coup, TMK gets to know that the train will start a week later. Now he has no other choice but to pull the shooting farce through for a whole week...

"Big big big hug to Sanjay Dutt" the makers wrote in the opening credits – to thank Sanjay for lending his narrator voice for just one sentence at the film's beginning! Now shall I hug him too – after all it was a sweet gesture to his "kid sister" Farah Khan ("I can never refuse her anything") – or shall I kick him for thus making me watch this movie to keep my Sanju film review collection complete?

I remember one of Akshay Kumar's statements in an interview before the release of TMK; he said that Farah Khan was the first director who actually ordered him to ham. I guess Farah must have told this to the whole unit, and as even the story is not that much (Farah's husband Shirish Kunder wrote it based on Vittorio De Sica's After The Fox from 1966 with Peter Sellers), the result is a loud, multicolored and rubbishy movie which surely makes you smile every now and then and has very entertaining song and dance scenes, but mostly tends to unnerve you – in spite of some small highlights by Akshay and Akshaye, in spite of Salman Khan's smart dance interlude with Akshay in "Wallah Ke Wallah", in spite of Katrina's "Sheila Ki Jawani" number and in spite of Sanjay's amused-sonorous voice at the beginning. "We wanted a voice people recognise even in their sleep. Who else but Sanju has such a powerful voice?", Farah explained her choice. True, surely, but in this case Sanjay's voice is completely underused.

Produced by Twinkle Khanna, Ronnie Screwvala, Shirish Kunder; Directed by Farah Khan
131 Min.; DVD: UTV, English Subtitles (including songs); Bonus DVD: Making Of TMK, Making of the Songs, Deleted Scenes, Theatrical Trailer, Outtakes, Laughter Riot
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