Dienstag, 29. Juli 2008

Happy Birthday, Sanju!

Dear Sanju

Even though you're not in the mood to celebrate today (which is completely understandable) I wish you a Happy Birthday and especially many happy returns of the day!

May your family, your friends, your colleagues and your fans all over the world never cease to shower their love and affection over you. You deserve every love and every happiness in this world as you are an incredibly fantastic and loveable human being with endless love in your large golden heart. You have suffered so much in your life, and yet you are enriching our lives, making it warm and bright with the sunshine of your smile. You never lost your strength and your love for mankind. I’m touching your feet for this.

Thank you, Sanju, for being our sunshine, our brother, our Munnabhai – thank you for being just the man you are. My love, admiration and respect will always be with you.

God bless you, Sanju.

Love, Diwali

Oh, and my Mini-Dutt also wants to wish you, Sanju... ;-)

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