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Kal Kissne Dekha (2009; Cameo) – Review in English

In this film Sanjay Dutt does just a cameo!

About the story: Nihaal (Jackky Bhagnani) comes from a small village to Mumbai as a new college student. Soon he becomes the favourite student of the highly intelligent Professor Verma (Rishi Kapoor). On the other hand, he has a lot of trouble with some of his seniors and with spoilt and arrogant Nisha (Vyshalee Desai). But soon Nihaal becomes an admired star when people come to know about his special ability to have visions and look into the future. After averting a bomb blast in a shopping mall, not only the police and ACP Pradhan (Dalip Tahil) are taking notice of Nihaal's ability but also wannabe don Kaalicharan (Riteish Deshmukh) and terrorists led by Marshal (Rahul Dev) who are planning several bomb blasts in Mumbai...

Kal Kissne Dekha (= The future is unpredictable) has got every chance to become the film with the shortest Sanjay Dutt cameo ever. Sanjay's "friendly appearance" as it says in the credits is just a few seconds' cameo as a DJ in the song "Jashn Hai Josh Hai" which will be hard to underbid. When visiting the sets in Cape Town, Sanjay had spontaneously agreed to shoot this cameo as a wish of luck for Jackky Bhagnani whose debut vehicle Kal Kissne Dekha was to be – and for Jackky's father, producer Vashu Bhagnani whom Sanjay has worked with in Shaadi No.1. But it didn't help the Bhagnanis – KKD flopped mercilessly, and alas: rightly so.

For the story is a weird and synthetic construct and doesn't convince a single moment. Not even a veteran actor like Rishi Kapoor is able to save this mess, and you just can't stop throwing your hands up in horror – be it for Rishi's horrible wig, for his unusually weak performance or for having accepted this stupid role in the first place. Maybe even he did it for friendship with the Bhagnanis, and maybe he is regretting it meanwhile. Other stars who agreed to appear in this movie (Dalip Tahil, Satish Shah, Farida Jalal, Juhi Chawla, Rajpal Yadav) got away better as their roles were so small or neglected that not much wrong could have happened to them. And you just have to pity Rahul Dev who was wasted as the terrorist leader, and Riteish Deshmukh whose "young, dynamic, dashing don Kaalicharan" was nothing more than a ridiculous bhai caricature.

As for the two newcomers being introduced in KKD, Jackky Bhagnani and Vyshalee Desai – well, they are two nice youngsters, and that's it. Nothing memorable which would recommend them much for further film projects. And if this happens in a film which was produced precisely for this purpose, then the mission has failed. So what if the movie is full of stereotypes and even flaws (e g how can Nihaal whose ability it is to see the future suddenly also see actions happened in the past?) – it simply doesn't matter.

No, you don't need to watch Kal Kissne Dekha. Not even because of Sanju. His dispensable and unspectacular mini-cameo isn't worth it to waste two precious hours of your life.

Produced by Vashu Bhagnani; Directed by Vivek Sharma
123 Min.; DVD: BIG Pictures, English Subtitles (including songs)
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