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Do Dilon Ki Dastaan (1985) - Review in English

About the story: The millionaire Saxena (Om Prakash) plans to force his grandson Vijay (Sanjay Dutt) into a marriage with Aarti (Kajal Kiran). To evade this marriage, Vijay escapes to Kashmir where he falls in love with the beautiful Sona (Padmini Kolhapure). Unfortunately, even the rapist Shekhar (Shakti Kapoor) casts an eye at Sona, and as Vijay puts paid to his plans, Shekhar becomes his enemy. With a bomb attack on his car, Vijay gets seriously injured, and Sona loses her sight. So that she as a blind will not become a burden for Vijay, Sona pretends to be in love with Vijay’s friend Kamal (Arun Govil) and leaves the hospital together with him. Vijay cannot cope with this obvious treason and starts drinking. When one fine morning he wakes up besides Aarti and the latter accuses him of having raped her, Vijay is not able to defend himself because due to his alcohole consume, he has no memories about that night. Now his marriage to Aarti seems unevitable...

Do Dilon Ki Dastaan – A Story of Two Hearts is one of Sanjay’s early films from that time when he still was searching for his identity in front of the camera. Since his debut film Rocky, I conceive suspicion that originally he was to become the direct successor to young Amitabh Bachchan (with option on the "angry young man"); the tall and lanky stature was there, the hair-style was adjusted, and even Sanjay’s dance movements sometimes remind of Amitabh’s. But fortunately, only shortly thereafter Sanjay broke loose from this strangling and, at the latest since Naam, developed his own film identity instead of becoming just some copy. (Thank heaven for that.)

Right now, Do Dilon Ki Dastaan is not available with subs*, but on the other hand: Even with subs this film might be interesting just for Sanjay fans who can’t get enough of him and even consume his early films in which he – sorry, Sanju, but you surely know it yourself – simply was not as good yet as he was to become later. And the film is nothing special either. It has its moments, no doubt about that, e.g. young Sanju in a bubble bath tube. But what on earth about the one-two-three song with some dozens of neatly dressed girls dancing ring-a-ring-of-roses? Und do you really regain your sight when your backhead is slummed against a rock several times? No, Do Dilon Ki Dastaan is no must-see, neither with nor without subs. Not more than because of the bath tube.

Porduced by Baldev Pushkarna and M.M. Malhotra; Directed by A.C. Trilokachander
156 Min.; DVD: WEG, without subs
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*Meanwhile, a DVD by "G" is available with subs.

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