Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

SHOT IN BOMBAY starring Sanjay Dutt on BBC4

SHOT IN BOMBAY starring Sanjay Dutt- BBC4, 20th of OCTOBER, 22PM

A fast-paced, feature-length documentary which goes beyond the tinselly glamour of Bollywood to expose the industry's rather less alluring underbelly. The Mumbai film industry has long been rumoured to be associated with crime syndicates. The connection was publicly established when, in July 2007, one of India's superstars, Sanjay Dutt, was convicted of possessing firearms which were linked to India's 9/11 - the day in 1993 when Mumbai suffered 13 terrorist bomb blasts in the space of two hours.

As full of sudden reversals as any thriller, this documentary follows Sanjay Dutt as he makes Shootout In Lokhandwala, his last film before being sentenced. He plays a real-life Mumbai police officer, AA Khan, who became a local hero after a fatal shootout with criminals in which 1,400 rounds of ammunition were fired. The documentary subtly underlines the ironies of this situation and has as colourful a cast of its own as any Bollywood movie.

Information provided by Little Bird, London
Review The Guardian, January 18, 2008


Die DVD von Liz Mermins Dokumentarfilm "Shot in Bombay", der während der Dreharbeiten zu Shootout At Lokhandwala und damit zugleich während der Endphase des TADA-Prozesses entstand, ist ab dem 10. November im Handel erhältlich.

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