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Policegiri (2013) - Review in English

About the story: DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) Rudra Aditya Devraj (Sanjay Dutt) is transfered to Nagapuram. He orders his men to do their duties and doesn't hesitate to get rid of criminals with maverick methods – but at the same time he accepts large sums of bribe from the mighty Nagori Subramaniyam (Prakash Raaj) and lets him continue his illegal businesses, on the condition that no one is harmed by Nagori's business. By coincidence, Rudra meets the lovely Sehar (Prachi Desai) who absolutely detests corruption. Rudra and Sehar fall in love – until Nagori tells Sehar that Rudra took bribes from him. However, Rudra has a very special reason to do so...

The remake of the Tamil super hit Saamy from 2003 was meant to become Sanjay Dutt's Dabangg, his Singham – to bounce him back into the league of solo action heroes. It was one of the many bitter ironies in Sanjay's life that production and premiere of Policegiri collided with the Supreme Court's sentence which ordered him to return to prison and serve his Arms Act term. And it fatally reminds of the circumstances of the release of Khalnayak twenty years before... only that the wonders didn't repeat themselves: Sanjay wasn't free again soon after, and Policegiri was anything but a hit.

Thus, Policegiri (completed after the sentence, when Sanjay in his last remaining weeks worked day and night to complete his unfinished projects like Policegiri, Zanjeer, PK and Unglee) became above all a tribute to Sanjay – a tribute of admiration and love. At the beginning of the credits, you read "Our heartfelt gratitude to Sanjay Dutt, who completed this film in trying circumstances... and to the Dutt family who stood by us during a personal crises. Thank you to the Dutts'... We love you Baba!" before many pictures of Sanjay and his family float over the screen until they form the name SANJAY DUTT. Sanjay is heart and focus of the movie; only Prakash Raaj is at his best beside him. All the others, from Prachi Desai to Om Puri in the supporting role of Commissioner Trivedi, are just attachments. (And I refuse to write more than one line about the stupid plot around Sehar's silly suitor.)

At least Sanjay obviously had fun playing the corrupt and honest cop, and thanks to his inner strength and professionality it's hard to tell which are the scenes shot under enormous pressure in the end. First Rudra appears super cool in bright coloured outfits, unshaved and having idlis with beer for breakfast (and looking damn good; too bad that he keeps this goon look only in the first scene), then he changes into uniform: Thanedaar Returns! Asked whether he is a goon or a cop, he gives the film's trademark answer "combo – buy one get one free". Sanjay acts easily and relaxed – you wouldn't believe he's the same man who played the cramped and stiff cop in Zila Ghaziabad. No doubt that he enjoyed Policegiri with its many action scenes. Nevertheless, Sanjay – please let this be your farewell to this kind of action hero roles. You have had your fun once more, but when you return then please remember that you are an actor.

In the end, the director completes his tribute to his leading hero with the words "Hunt continues – Baba will be back", a pic of folded hands and an "Ever thankful K.S. Ravikumar". And you want to add in your thoughts: Yes, he'll be back – hopefully soon – and then let's hope he realizes that he's too good an actor for films like these.

Produced by TP Aggarwal & Rahul Aggarwal; Directed by KS Ravikumar
135 Min.; DVD: Madhu, English Subtitles (including songs)
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