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Sanjay Dutt - Interviews

Sanjay Dutt in dem Film Khoobsurat

Movie, Juli 1987
Sanjay Dutt: A View from the Top

Movie, Juni 1988
Sanjay Dutt: "Ich liebe Richa bis zum Wahnsinn"

Stardust, Mai 1990
Court Martial: Sanjay Dutt

g, Juni 1990
Without greasepaint: Sanjay Dutt getting personal

Filmfare, Mai 1991
Strictly Personal: Sanjay Dutt über seinen Vater

Movie, Oktober 1993
Sanjays Bekenntnis: "Ich will nicht einmal daran denken, geschweige denn darüber reden."

Showtime, August 1994
The Sanjay Saga - Do you know?

Movie, November 1996
Waiting to explode

Stardust, Mai 1997
Court Martial: Lust / Sinnliche Begierde / Sucht

Screenweekly, 16. Mai 1997
"Being No. 1 is no longer important"

Movie, Juli 1997
Renaissance Man

Movie, Oktober 1997
Sanjay Dutt - Tough Stance: "I'm going to fight for Trishala's custody"

Stardust, April 1999
Let's talk about sex!

Filmfare, July 1999
Girl Happy - Sanjay Dutt on romancing the heroines

g, September 1999
Dutt's Undying Code

Filmfare Annual, November 1999
Just 1 Question to Sanjay Dutt

Filmfare, Februar 2000
The world is not enough: Getting real... with Sanjay Dutt

Atlanta, 2000
Sanjay Dutt: "I have gone through a lot in life"

Filmfare, Dezember 2001
Sanjay Dutt: 40 Questions

Rashtriya Sahara, Februar 2003
"Ich kann mich als Schauspieler nicht einschätzen"

Filmfare, Oktober 2003
Surviving the Game

The Times of India, 14. Februar 2004
Bhai Ho To Aisa

Filmfare, Juli 2005
"Beta, you spoil me": Sanjay über seinen verstorbenen Vater Sunil Dutt

Filmfare, August 2005
Top 10 - Sanjay Dutt

The Telegraph (ETC), February 3, 2006
"I've no dad to run to with my problems"

Devil's Advocate, 5. November 2006
Devil's Advocate Interview: Karan Thapar und Sanjay Dutt

IndiaFM, 29. Januar 2007
Vidhu Vinod Chopra im Gespräch mit Sanjay Dutt über Eklavya

The Times of India, 18. Februar 2007
"Heirat... Wenn mein Fall entschieden ist"

DNA India (Daily News & Analysis), 15. März 2007
Ich weine beinahe jeden Tag, sagt Sanjay Dutt

Rediff, 10. April 2007
Sanju über Drogen, Wohltätigkeit und Abhiwarya

Screen, 25. Mai 2007
"I know my friends won't let me down"

Hindustan Times, 29. Mai 2007
"I've aged gracefully"

Mid-Day, 8. Juni 2007
"I'm waiting for the verdict"

Rediff, 13. Dezember 2007
"I am feeling very happy being on the sets"

Devil's Advocate, Dezember 2007
Devil's Advocate Interview: Karan Thapar und Sanjay Dutt

Hindustan Times, 16. Februar 2008
Sanjay über Manyata, Ehe und Sanjay Dutt Productions

Mid-Day, 19. März 2008
Rhea-lity bytes

Mumbai Mirror, 31. August 2008
"I want to start a family with Manyata as soon as possible"

Hindustan Times, 22. September 2008
"I should ask Akshay Kumar for a loan of Rs 10 crore"

Sify, 29. September 2008
"I hope success doesn't change Imran"

Rediff, 1. Oktober 2008
"At times, I thought what if Kidnap happened to my daughter"

CNN IBN, 24. November 2008
Sanjay Dutt speaks on Salman-SRK spat and life ahead

People, Dezember 2008
"The government should act now"

CNN-IBN, 22. Januar 2009
Acting up: Dutt plays politician before election

INB Live, 13. März 2009
Sanjay Dutt says bye to Mumbai, moves to Lucknow

Mid-Day, 26. März 2009
"I am ready to face anything"

Hindustan Times, 28. März 2009
"Manyataji takes decisions in the kitchen"

Mumbai Mirror, 13. April 2009
"Amar Singh held my hand and guided me to the right path"

Interview Juni 2009

The Times of India, 27. Juli 2009
"My sisters are busy with their lives"

Sampurn, 7. Dezember 2009
Sanjay Dutt: "I would love to relive Munnabhai over and over again."

Khaleej Times, 22. März 2010
Dutt's the way

Hindustan Times, 18. Mai 2010
"I was tired of living a nomad's life"

Rediff, 22. Juni 2010 / 7. Juli 2010
Sanjay Dutt: Rediff-Interview, Teil 1
Sanjay Dutt: Rediff-Interview, Teil 2

Bollywood Hungama, 26. Juni 2010
"It's a compliment when people compare me with Mickey Rourke" – Sanjay Dutt

Sampurn Wire, 28. Juni 2010
Sanjay Dutt gets candid

Zee News, 16. Juli, 2010
Sanjay Dutt in Kahiya Janab

The Times of India, 6. Oktober 2010
We need good coaches: Sanjay Dutt

Indian Express, 8. Oktober 2010
I'm 51, stop thinking of me as Sanju Baba: Dutt

The Times of India, 12. Oktober 2010
Sanjay Dutt gets into straight-talk mode

Spicezee, 1. Januar 2011
Bhai means brother to me, says Sanjay Dutt

Indianexpress, 25. Februar 2011
On A High

Mid-Day, 27. Juli 2011
'I'm not old enough to play Salman's dad'

Starboxoffice, 11. Oktober 2011
Sanjay: No paparazzi for Shahraan, Iqra

The Times of India, 19. Dezember 2011
Action is my forte: Sanjay Dutt

Filmfare, 4. Januar 2012
"Why should Trishala shake her ass in films?"

Bollywood Hungama, 12. Januar 2012
"Kancha is a completely dark character" - Sanjay Dutt

The Times of India, 17. Januar 2012
Hrithik has grown to be a fine actor: Sanjay Dutt

IBN Live, 26. Januar 2012
Hrithik, Priyanka, Sanjay talk about 'Agneepath'

The Times of India, 12. Februar 2012
I was the first actor to enter the 100 cr club: Sanjay Dutt

People, 27. Januar 2012
Sanjay Dutt: "Their first word was Papa"

The Times of India, 26. April 2012
I've observed cops in real life for 20 years: Sanjay Dutt

Rediff, 2. Mai 2012
Sanjay Dutt: My fans have made me a star

The Times of India, 29. Mai 2012
Life’s just begun for me: Sanjay Dutt

The Times of India, 7. Juni 2012
Sanju believes in woman power

Hindustan Times, 21. Oktober 2012
I want no fame, no money, just my freedom: Sanjay Dutt

Mumbai Mirror, 1. Dezember 2012
My wife is professional but I'm not: Sanjay Dutt

Hindustan Times, 4. Dezember 2012
Thank God, action is back: Sanjay Dutt

TNN, 23. Januar 2013
I don't work for awards: Sanjay Dutt

Stardust 8/1995


Filmfare, 16.-31. März 1983
Sunil Dutt über Sanjay

Ciné-Blitz, Juli 1998
Sunil Dutt über Sanjay

Hindustan Times, 27. September 2007
Interview mit Priya Dutt

Savvy, September 2007
Trishala Dutt: On living and loving dad Sanjay

DNA, 2. Juli 2008
Priya Dutt: "I will support Sanju"

TV-Interview (November 2008, ausgestrahlt am 24. Januar 2009)
The First Ladies with Abu Sandeep: Manyata Dutt

Nowrunning, 22. Januar 2009
A wife has certain rights: Manyata Dutt

Indiatimes Movies, 29. Juli 2009
“Sunil uncle always tried to discipline Sanju” - Zahida

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