Dienstag, 31. März 2009

Open Letter to Sanjay Dutt

Dear Sanju

When I first heard about your decision to enter politics, I was half disappointed, half doubtful. Hadn't you always said that you're not made for politics (which complied with my opinion about you)? Hadn't you confirmed only shortly before at the HT Leadership Summit that there would be no politics for you for the next ten years? And suddenly this decision. Politics. Samajwadi Party. Lucknow. I couldn't understand it. At first.

But in the following weeks, I started to understand you and your motivations. And you convinced me totally. I remember how after 26/11 many people openly condemned the system and the politicians and demanded changes. But how many of them actually stepped forward and did something? To rally and to shout loud is easy. But it takes courage and a good sense of responsibility to actually take the initiative and become active. And you have this sense of responsibility, Sanju. You didn't just grouch like the others - you took action. Hats off to you, Sanju.

I also understood your obviously long-cherished wish to take on your father's legacy. To become Sunil and Nargis Dutt's son not only as an actor, film producer and social worker (I do know well how much you have done in all these years) but also as a politician. I know your golden heart which always beats for people in need and I understand your desire to help people, to work for the society, to be there for everyone. You are definitely the true son of Dutt saab and Nargisji.

And it became clearer and clearer with every single day how serious you took your new role and responsibility. You didn't join politics just to attract attention or because you hadn't anything better to do. For you, it’s a call. You're really working hard and trying to change things for the better. India should be overjoyed to have people like you who care for the people and are ready to face anything and to work seriously.

But in this world paragraphs matter more than golden hearts and good works. I had hoped and prayed that you would be granted your desire to stand for the elections. In my humble opinion, you'd have deserved it more than many of those people who officially have a clean slate but can never compare to you when it comes to honesty, trustworthyness and love. (And yes, I do know the facts about your past, just in case someone starts to doubt this now - but in my opinion it is ridiculous that you still are being condemned for a mistake made 16 years ago out of concern for your family and for which you've suffered more than enough. You've reformed long before you were sentenced to jail - but alas, paragraphs know nothing about human beings and their hearts.)

On the other hand, Sanju - now you've got the chance to really show that you're Dutt saab's worthy son. You don't need to be an MP to be a politician and to work for the people. Show it to those who today consider themselves better than you. Show it to the people who totally underrate and misunderstand you. Return to Lucknow. Give your love, your energy and your creative power to the people, work for them, help them getting better conditions of life, help them develope their region. Show the world that they make a big mistake in seeing only the convicted man in you and not the great human being you are.

If I judge you right, you will not drop politics now after you've been denied to contest the Lok Polls. You will continue supporting the people in your constituency (and of course also everywhere else you get a chance to do so). You will continue proving yourself as the son of Sunil and Nargis Dutt. And I'm sure you won't prove me wrong. I trust and respect you, Sanju.

Do you know what I love most about you, Sanju? The respect you treat every human being with. I just wish the world would treat you with the same respect.

Oh, by the way: I also like you as an actor. So no one can suspect me to write this just to keep you away from the film sets. But I will happily make the sacrifice of getting less films from you if I can see you happy, and if politics make you happy, so be it. Your fans will always back you, Sanju. Go and give peace and love to the world!

God bless you, Sanju!

All the best,
Ingrid (from Germany)
(aka Diwali/www.sanjay-dutt.info)

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