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Super Star (2008; guest appearance) - Review in English

In this film Sanjay has just a guest appearance as himself!

About the story: Kunal Mehra (Kunal Khemu) dreams of a star career in Bollywood. Though he didn’t yet manage to get further than the forth row in a dance clip, his friends, especially his girlfriend Mausam (Tulip Joshi), support and encourage him aswell as his mother (Reema Lagoo), while his father (Sharat Saxena) doesn’t appreciate his son’s ambitions. When producer Saxena (Darshan Zariwala) launches a 50 cr movie with Varkha (Aushima Sawney) and his son Karan (Kunal Khemu) whom he announces as the coming new super star, these ads cause confusion as Karan is a lookalike of Kunal. But soon the producers draw a profit from this as Karan doesn’t want to be in films at all and is a lousy actor. So Kunal is hired as Karan’s duplicate – and suddenly the path to superstardom seems free for Kunal, though in a completely other way than he had imagined...

While the international Hindi Cinema fan community still debauched in the Om Shanti Om fever and with greatest amusement watched Shahrukh Khan’s struggle as a junior artist dreaming of a star career, another film with a seemingly similar story was shown nearly unnoticed in Indian cinemas. I say seemingly because though the golden thread seems to be the same, the story of Super Star is completely different. Above all it is more modest, more intense and therefore more honest and touching. I liked Super Star more than most of the other Hindi films I saw recently, and I just regret that Indian movies mostly sell by the stars acting in them. If a Shahid Kapoor, a Salman Khan or a Shahrukh Khan had played the double role of Kunal and Karan, the film would surely have become a hit at least. But on the other hand – sorry – it wouldn’t have become so good either.

For Kunal Khemu is heart and life of this film and gives an (imho) awardworthy performance which, too bad, surely never will be rewarded with an award as Super Star was no success (and therefore isn’t interesting enough for the awards). As the incompetent actor Karan, Kunal is hilarious, he humourously pulls his own leg and even manages to portrait the rich and pampered producer’s son as quite a nice guy so you can believe junior artist Kunal when he calls Karan his friend. In this other role Kunal Khemu shows not only his dance and action qualities but also intense and touching emotions. Adding to that, he appears as a very likeable guy with beaming eyes and a charming smile. Here is finally a young star to whom I wish all the best and success in his profession.

That Kunal has what it takes – that he had it already as a child – Sanjay Dutt surely can confirm as he ten years ago in Dushman had formed a loveable jodi with little lively Kunal Khemu. Maybe both of them remembered these days when Sanjay now in a guest appearance as himself ("Special Thanks to Mr Sanjay Dutt") gave a good piece of advice to the coming star Kunal: to be always true to himself, in life and on screen – and this in combination with a classical magic hug à la Munnabhai. A sweet little episode which made Indiaglitz comment: "So what if OSO carried over 24 stars in cameos, superstar too has Sanjay Dutt advicing Kunal with complete 'Vinmaratha' (modesty)."

These words in a way describe the whole film: It’s not big, colourful and loud but small, quiet and modest. I like it. Not only because of Sanjay Dutt’s short appearance.

Produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd.; Directed by Rohit Jugraj
145 Min.; DVD: Shree International, English Subtitles (including songs), unfortunately the disc stopps a bit after about 70 minutes, but after a few minutes it’s okay again.
© Diwali

P.S. Here is the complete advice Sanju gave to Kunal: "Your movie is going to be released. You will be a star. But shall I say something? This camera is a cunning thing. It captures you. We can don makeup and make everything look good. But we can't cover our inner self. Because it finds out the truth. And I am giving you this advice politely, because you will need this. Every star needs it."

And here have a look at Sanju and Kunal ten years ago in Dushman:

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