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Cybernoon 9/2006: Ein paar abschweifende Gedanken...

Cybernoon, 16. September 2006

A Few Stray Thoughts
(Farzana Contractor)

He has suffered enough, paid a price in more ways than one. Least of them being when he was incarcerated in prison for 18 months...

for :
At the time that Sanjay Dutt landed himself in trouble all that he was — was young, impetuous, and in need to do daring things to prove to himself and those around him that he was someone cool.
You don’t really need me to tell you that here is not a person who looks like he had an agenda to blow Bombay up. The guy doesn’t even look like he would like to disrupt it in any way. If you know him even slightly you know how shy he is and how he dies when any kind of attention is focused on him. He just doesn’t seem to behave the personality type. Besides, when you think of him as Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s offspring, you can’t fault him his upbringing. His core has to be pure. There is something called genes.
In any situation, in the absence of any proof, most of us have our gut feelings that we go by. A certain instinctive feeling that prompts us, tells us whether a person is good or bad.
To me, Sanju Baba comes across as a good human being.
A bit stupid, perhaps misled, living in a haze of his own world, but not a bad guy.
If at all and from everything I hear he is even a nice guy. Kind, trusting, helpful, simple of heart, a good friend to his friends, a benefactor to the poor. And if any proof of all this was needed, his Munna Bhai image quite settles that!
In my heart he is not guilty of the more serious and the dastardly acts of the serial bombing of Bombay, the second worst example of terrorism that the world has seen and for which the guilty must pay. But if Sanjay Dutt is found guilty of a comparatively minor offence (possessing unlicensed arms, destroying them or letting his arms supplier use his garage to store whatever, without bothering to check what it was, or some such) he ought not to serve a term in jail but outside, in community service.
Can you imagine how powerful a role model he would be for future perpetrators, goondas, underworld goons-to-be, the lost, the misguided. Specially in view of the force of this whole new Gandhigiri (a term I don’t much care for ‘coz it sounds more like a bad word) cult that seems to be shaping up.
Well most people I talk to feel he should not suffer any more.
He has suffered enough, paid a price in more ways than one. Least of them being when he was incarcerated in prison for 18 months.
Poor chap, he has been there done that, faced the mental anguish of 13 years of suspense, lived like a prisoner on Bombay island, having to take permission even to go to a temple in Poona. He went through an emotional upheaval when he lost the woman he was crazy about — his mother, and then he also lost his first wife. The drug phase consumed him and he was lost to life for a while only to resurface to get into a mess and then be jailed. Then he loses his father, gets divorced.
I don’t know if he enjoys the love of his only child, but I do know his sisters adore him and are there besides him, in full strength. That, and the fact that the prayers of millions of people are with him, will no doubt see him out of this unholy mess.
And hopefully next year this time we will all be going to Inox to see Munna Bhai III.

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